Christmas Snacks

Reindeer & Snowman Chocolate Bark Recipe by Lulu Grimes Ingredients – 100g milk chocolate, 100g dark chocolate, 7 red Smarties, 8-10 small pretzels, 22 white mini marshmallows, 1 red jelly shoe lace, sprinkles and stars, black food writing pen Method – Line a baking tin with baking parchment. Heat both chocolates in separate bowls inContinue reading “Christmas Snacks”

Honey BBQ Marinade Recipe

I have decided that whenever I don’t have something to write about, I am going to share a recipe. I love food a lot and I enjoy cooking as well so while I can’t write about eating out experiences, I am sharing my eating in ones instead. This recipe is a mixture of a fewContinue reading “Honey BBQ Marinade Recipe”

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

The 21st of June is Father’s Day and trying to find gifts is a nightmare. What do you get a man who has everything and responds to ‘what do you want for Father’s Day?’ with ‘I don’t know’. As I’ve gotten older, I like to buy gifts that people will remember but sometimes budget andContinue reading “Father’s Day Gift Ideas”

Small Changes To Be Healthier

It is very important for all of us to look after our health. Especially during lockdown, I think we have all let our routines slowly slip meaning we are not looking after ourselves as much. You should treat your body like a temple and look after it because you don’t get another one. Many studiesContinue reading “Small Changes To Be Healthier”