Baby Sustainability

Recently my two best friends have had baby boys. So, first of all congratulations to them. This got me thinking of what I could post about next and I wanted to continue my theme of sustainability. I won’t be posting about sustainability again for a while but even though I don’t yet have a babyContinue reading “Baby Sustainability”

How To Shop Sustainably

My last couple of posts have been about sustainability and shopping so, I’m combining the two. It can be hard in a world of fast fashion and ever-changing trends to find ethically made products to buy but there are a few things you can do that make your shopping trip a bit eco-friendlier. Plastic freeContinue reading “How To Shop Sustainably”

Amazon Favourites

So, online shopping has always been a hobby of mine but now its more part of my daily routine because there is nothing else to do. Half of me is saying that now is the best time to save but the other half is saying it’s the best time to shop because I won’t haveContinue reading “Amazon Favourites”

Lifestyle changes to be more eco-friendly

Not everyone is willing to make big lifestyle changes and that is perfectly okay, the important thing is making small changes to your day to day life in order to become more eco-friendly. Here are some ways in which you can help the planet. Recycle – I feel like this is sort of an obviousContinue reading “Lifestyle changes to be more eco-friendly”

Products that help you be more eco-friendly

Wednesday the 22nd of April is Earth Day and so I thought what better time to write about sustainability and more important, how you can be more sustainable. Previous generations didn’t have an extensive knowledge on how they where damaging the planet but now we know and should all be making changes to ensure theContinue reading “Products that help you be more eco-friendly”