Self-Care Tips


Firstly, you need to exercise regularly. You need to make sure to keep yourself healthy because it will affect every aspect of your body, skin, hair and even your mind.

You should also shower at least once a day, twice if needs be. Don’t be one of those people that don’t wash their legs or feet, it’s important to use soap to wash every part of yourself.

Warm water is good for you as it opens up your pores and is more effective for cleaning but you shouldn’t have the water too hot, it will actually cause more damage.

When you’re in the shower you might exfoliate but you should only do this once or twice a week. If you don’t give your skin a chance to replenish and give you dead skin cells to scrub off then you will just damage your healthy cells.

If you’re a fan of hair removal then you probably know about those razor bumps you can get or sometimes a rash that will appear after shaving. The best thing to do is use Aloe Vera gel on the places you shave.

Also, every morning and night you should moisturise your entire body. Your skin will thank you and will also help to stop it getting dry and damaged.

Wear SPF every day! No matter if it is cloudy or really sunny, you should protect your skin. The harmful UV rays from the sun will damage your skin and age you prematurely.


You should wash regularly with gentle soap and if you wish a gentle cleanser. You don’t want the oils on your skin to build up and also through makeup, eating and other products/substances that touch your skin so it’s important to wash them off.

Once again you should only be exfoliating your face once or twice a week. Not only is there the issue with damaging your skin cells but you will cause your skin to over-produce sebum meaning your face will become oily more often.

It is also best to splash your face with cold water after washing so you can close your pores helping to stop products and makeup entering them when they shouldn’t be.

You should also remove your makeup before exercising or sleeping. As a teenager I slept quite a few times with makeup on and it did so much damage to my skin. You can get infections and acne along with other adverse effects.

When you are doing skin care its not best to use facemasks more than once or twice a week. Some can do damage by stripping natural oils and causing acne through over cleansing.

Again, wear SPF every day! No matter if it is cloudy or really sunny, you should protect your skin. The harmful UV rays from the sun will damage your skin and age you prematurely.

Finally, don’t pick or squeeze your acne if you can. You will cause scars, the bacteria from your spots will spread to more areas of your face and you can even get infections.


Don’t wash your hair every day! Just like over cleansing, you will strip your hair of its natural oils making it dry and dull and to try and stop this your hair will over-produce oils giving you the ‘greasy’ look.

You should also read the indigents of all hair care and products you use in order to make sure you don’t do anymore damage. You should be making sure that you only buy products that tackle specific problem areas you have.

Try not to brush your hair when it is wet. The heat from your shower will give your hair a sort of elasticated quality so when you brush it, it pulls the hair, breaking it and springing back up.

To help combat the elasticated quality and improve your hair health, you shouldn’t have your shower too hot. You should also not use heat on your hair as often as possible. Burning your hair will make it broken, dry and dull but if you do use heat then at least use a heat protection product first.


What is the point of doing self-care if you still feel terrible after? To help you should try keeping a diary. It doesn’t have to be an average day to day diary but it could just be a place to write feelings, write things you’re thankful for or write down things that make you happy.

Meditation is also a great way to clear your mind and help you focus on what’s important. You can find free mediations through podcasts or YouTube that specialise in motivation, quitting bad habits, confidence or just de-stressing.

Reading is a great way to calm your mind while also exercising it. Spending time each day read is shown to improve happiness and brain function.

One of the best ways to look after your mind is to spend time away from technology but I know that is hard in our modern world so just try to go an hour without your phone every day. Every morning I don’t touch my phone for the first hour and I feel so much better than I did before.

Thank you so much for reading! The products in this post are ones I personally use but may not work for everyone. Please like, comment, share and get in contact with feedback or ideas of what I could post about in the future. You can also subscribe to get notified when I post. Check out my last post ‘Shit You Should Know: A Guide for Girls Part One’.


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