2021 Resolutions

Last year was a total shit show. We all want this year to be different and I know there are definitely some things that I should be doing different to help improve myself. I make resolutions every single year and I normally stick to one or two but end up forgetting about the rest. I think this happens because most of the time I set completely unrealistic goals for myself. For example, last year I thought I would have learned to drive by the end of the year but I didn’t have the funds to even start let alone own a car. This year I am making sure my goals are more obtainable.

Read at least one book a month

I have about a million books and I haven’t even read half of them. So, this year I am setting myself the task of reading at least one book a month. I might fall behind a little but as long as I am actually getting through my collection then that’s fine.

Regularly exercise

I don’t relate at all with the people that got in shape over lockdown. I did the exact opposite and ate everything in sight while not exercising. I am starting to see the effects of that bad habit on my body and so this year I am going to get back into shape.

Start saving money

If I plan to learn to drive and move out by the time I turn 30 then I need to get serious about saving money. I am not going to set any saving goals or anything but just put money when I can away for a later date.

Learn to drive

I see posts all the time about how you either learn to drive as soon as you turn 17 or end up putting it off until your in your late 20s. This goal was unrealistic last year but this year it can actually be possible.

Regularly keep a diary

I tried this last year but there was hardly anything to write about when I spent everyday in the house doing nothing. This year I’m going to use it to write about my feelings and emotions because I’ve heard that somehow having an outlet for feelings is actually a good thing, who knew?

Thank you so much for reading! This post is about my personal experiences/opinions and may not apply to everyone. Please feel free to like, comment, share and get in contact with feedback or ideas of what I could post about in the future. You can also subscribe to get notified when I post. Check out my last post ‘Year In Review’.

Happy New Year!


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