My Favourite Apps

I think we all spend a little too much time on devices but it is hard to avoid as they have become a regular part of our lives. We’ve all been told to get off our phones and live our lives but I have a few favourite apps that actually help me. Now not all the apps I’m going to recommend will improve your life but they might be a little fun.


For all my fellow menstruates, Flo is amazing. It is a cycle tracker app that helps tell you when your ovulating, your chances of getting pregnant and when you period is due. You can also use it to log your menstruation flow, weight, sleep, water intake, sex, sex drive, mood, symptoms and many other things. Once you log everything then you can use the app to look at graphs showing your cycle lengths, period length & intensity, symptoms and all the other things. There are so many more features to the app that I haven’t yet explored but I love using it to keep an eye on my reproductive health. You can get premium features as well but you I still use it for a lot on a free plan.


Obviously, I have written about Depop and sustainability before but I feel it needs writing about again. Now, I’m not saying I don’t buy new clothes but I will always try to find the item on Depop first. It is so much better to buy items second hand for a number of reasons. You can form relationships with the shop owner, you are supporting your fellow fashion fanatics, you can ask questions about the item and they will actually be answered, you are saving the planet by buying second hand and you save money as well! I have always had good experiences when ordering from Depop and I use it to make some extra money selling my old clothes.


This app is a bit of fun for those of you that like taking pictures. I see loads of people buying disposable cameras to get pictures that look vintage and cool but they are so wasteful, instead you should download David’s Disposable. The famous influencer David Dobrik developed an app where you can take disposable like pictures with your phone instead of buying a camera. You even have to wait until 9am the next day before you can view the pictures.

Be My Eyes

My sister recommended this app and I think everyone should download it. You use it to help blind people. So, someone who doesn’t have good sight will use the app to call you and ask you to help them with finding things, choosing clothes and so many other everyday tasks we take for granted. Because there are so many more volunteers than there are people who need help it is rare you will get one but it is still worth downloading in case you have the chance to help someone. Don’t worry if you can’t answer or miss the call because it calls multiple people at the same time and the first to answer gets to help.


I think everyone has had Shazam for years but I still think it’s worth recommending. Have you ever heard a song and wanted to know what it was called? Then you can just Shazam it. When the song is playing you just press the button and it listens to the music scanning the internet to find a match. It will tell you the name and artist along with links to different music streaming sites and apps you can listen on.

National Rail

Finally, I would recommend National Rail. Obviously, this will only apply if you live in the UK but this app tells you train times and prices up and down the country. You can enter where you want to leave and where you want to go editing times, directness and detours. You can even save your favourite stations, work station and home station.

When I get my weekly notification telling me how much screen time I’ve used I feel so disappointed, especially during lockdown, but I enjoy using these apps and like nearly everyone else, I am addicted to technology. Technology is nothing to be scared of and embracing it is better than rejecting it. We obviously shouldn’t be spending as much time in front of screens as we are right now but hopefully the ending of lockdown will change that.

‘Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’ ~ Arthur C. Clarke

Thank you so much for reading! This post is about my personal experiences/opinions and may not apply to everyone. Please feel free to like, comment, share and get in contact with feedback or ideas of what I could post about in the future. You can also subscribe to get notified when I post. Check out my last post ‘Best Documentaries I’ve Watched’.

Wear a mask,


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