Best Documentaries I’ve Watched

During lockdown, I have watched an amazing number of documentaries. I love them, they are like real life horror movies and its honestly hard to believe that they are true. Though the staggering number of tweets about how much people like documentaries I have seen, I thought I would recommend some of my favourites. Now I understand that most people will have seen these already but personally I normally need some convincing even when something is so popular.

Tiger King

Tiger King became a phenomenon at the beginning of lockdown and it feels like it came out years ago. A documentary series about Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin in the world of exotic pet ownership. It’s basically a bunch of red necks running around with tigers, lions, bears and monkeys. Oh, and I forgot it also includes a possible murder, a suicide and an attempted assassination attempt. It is so hilarious and includes a bunch of twists and turns and crazy characters. It gives you an insight into road side zoos and who these people actually think and react to things. It is educational, interesting and really fun at the same time. Season two has also been confirmed.

Don’t F**k With Cats: Hunting An Internet Killer

I think this is the best documentary I have ever watched. I was in sock the whole time and it definitely wasn’t something that I was expecting. It follows an internet group that discovered a video of a man killing cats online and then tracked him down using things like his hover, his bedding, his plug sockets and so on. I was completely hooked and watched the whole thing in one sitting, I couldn’t take my eyes off it. The story is completely incredible and incredibly hard to believe. This defiantly tops the list as the best documentary I am recommending and I think everyone should watch it.

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

This docuseries was chilling. I am all for a serial killer documentary and this sacred me a bit. I think the thing about Ted Bundy that is so scary to me is he was the last person you would expect. He had a life, a girlfriend and was a nice person yet he was capable of unspeakable things. It is horrible to hear about things he did to unsuspecting women, some even asleep in their houses that had other people in it. Hearing his voice talking about what he did is chilling and it is defiantly worth a watch.

Abducted In Plain Sight

I watched this documentary with my Mum and we were laughing in disbelief. It was insane to see how naïve people where and how they allowed this to happen to someone. It was also unnerving to watch someone who was so close to a family do something so horrible to them, you never know what someone is thinking and what they are capable of.

The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

We all know about the McCann family and how their daughter went missing while they where on holiday in Portugal. Now I had already made up my mind about what happened to her before watching this (it was her parents) but it was still an good watch. Because the case is unsolved, it is interesting to try and piece together evidence and figure it out for yourself. They are still unearthing new evidence and suspects to this day and so there is some stuff that will be missing from the documentary. So, if you want to watch a docuseries about the most famous missing girl in the world who has a case that is continuously getting funding even when there are millions of missing children around the world that get ignored because they aren’t white and rich, then this is a good one.

Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened

The Fyre Festival documentary is a rare one that isn’t about murder or kidnappings but about a group of idiots that tried to put on a festival without knowing how to do it. It is hilarious at some points and is incredible that this actually happened because it just seems so crazy. In a world run by influencers and chasing luxury, this really opens your eyes about the price that comes with buying into it.

Every single one of these can be found on Netflix. Most people will have watched these already but just in case you haven’t I strongly recommend you do. I like watching unsolved mysteries and murder documentaries and am always looking for recommendations so I hope this helps others in the same boat.

‘You know, people only care about saving what effects them.’ ~ Joe Exotic, Tiger King

Thank you so much for reading! This post is about my personal opinions and may not apply to everyone. Please feel free to like, comment, share and get in contact with feedback or ideas of what I could post about in the future. You can also subscribe to get notified when I post. New post coming Friday, check out my last post ‘August Looks’.

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