Things To Do In Edinburgh

As we start to come out of lockdown, more places are starting to open again and welcome back customers. Even though it’s not the same because of guidelines it is important we all start getting back to normal life and help to support the business we love. Because of this, I am going to start recommending things you can do on a day out in different cities. I am starting with Edinburgh as it is one of my favourite places and I have actually been everywhere I am talking about and so can give an actual insight into wherever it’s worth it.

Camera Obscura

Located on the Royal Mile, Camera Obscura is a building full of optical illusions. I have been here a few times now and loved it every time. They five floors and over 100 interactions that are enjoyable for someone at any age. It is called Camera Obscura because at the roof there is a camera made with mirrors that can see the whole of Edinburgh even zooming in so you can see buildings that are miles away. You have to pay extra to see this but to me it is totally worth it. Back when the camera was invented, the man who owned the building across the street paid to make his windows smaller so the camera couldn’t be used to spy on him. At time of posting, entrance is £14.85 for an adult and £11.25 for a child obviously offering discount to students, seniors and under 5s.

Edinburgh Dungeon

One of my favourite memories from when I was a child was going to Edinburgh Dungeon. I honestly think this experience gave me my trill and horror seeking nature because I loved it so much. Some attractions have changed since I visited including adding a ride but I am keen to go back. There is a Dungeon is nearly every big city and it is a fun way to get to know the horror filled history of the city you are in. I was very young when I went and my sister was even younger so she began to get scared and upset in the first room. The first room was a court room where a judge was putting visitors on trial so to cheer up my sister, he put my Mum on trial. She was accused of dancing on a hill naked, using witchcraft to conjure herself and man and judging by my Dad, she didn’t do a very good job. One actor also said as she walked into the next room ‘Get in there you little freak before I rip your legs off’ and I think that made me enjoy it a little more. At time of posting, entrance is £15 for adults and £11.95 for children.

Edinburgh Zoo

If you are looking for a fun but chilled day out then the zoo is always a good option. I have been to Edinburgh Zoo many times and have never got bored of it. I’ve been freaked out by a Joey jumping into its mum’s pouch, been entertained by Penguins waddling about on Penguin Parade and amazed by a Panda going to town on some bamboo. The park is huge with loads of attractions featuring amazing animals and is honestly a great day out. They do live talks and feeding times along with having events at different times of the year. You can even visit their website and watch live footage of their Pandas, Lions, Tigers, Penguins and Koalas. At time of posting, entrance is £21.95 for adults and £12.80 for under 15s.

Edinburgh Castle

One of Edinburgh’s biggest tourist attractions is the Castle. Located at the top of the Royal Mile on a hill it stands above the city and is amazing to look at. You can walk right up to the castle and pay to tour the castle itself. You can rent headphones to tell you about the grounds and its history and you can even get married in the church (but you can only have like 6 guests because its incredibly small). Being up by the castle offers you amazing views of both Old Town and New Town and it also plays host to a series of events throughout the year such as the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. I have been to the Tattoo and if you can then I highly recommend going. You can also hire it out for privet events and every day at 1pm (exept Sundays, good Friday and Christmas day) the One o’Clock Gun is fired. At time of posting, entrance is £15.50 for adults and £9.30 for under 15s.

The Fringe

Every year (except 2020 for obvious reasons) Edinburgh plays host to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. This is a city-wide festival where street performers, magicians, comedians, actors, musicians and anyone looking for attention descend on the streets and bars to perform. I have been every year since I moved back to Scotland and it is incredible fun. There are pop-up bars and food stalls everywhere, people in the streets dressed up and handing out flyers to their shows and even big names in the entertainment industry will come to take part. You can get programmes with the best shows and ticket prices in or you can do what I normally do and see random shows and performers that happen to be in the same bar as you. I have seen hilarious comedians, beautiful musicians and student roasts where a professor and student said some very X rated things to each other. Yes, drinks prices are a little higher and the city gets quite busy but, in my opinion, it is totally worth it. The brilliant thing is if you don’t want to spend a load of money seeing shows, you can just go to free ones!

Dynamic Earth

Dynamic Earth is a science museum. Most people roll their eyes when you say science museum but this one is incredible. It has multiple rooms all dedicated to different things such as volcanos, the arctic, rainforests, underwater and more. The attractions are interactive and so much fun with the floors moving in the volcano room and it pouring it rain over the rainforest exhibit. I have been a couple of times and love it every time I go. It is so much fun for people of all ages without it getting boring for the younger members of your family. At time of posting, tickets are unavailable due to the pandemic but I strongly recommend you visit when it opens again.

Like I said, as we move out of lockdown and into the new normal it is important to support businesses to ensure they stick around. These are all attractions in Edinburgh I have enjoyed for years and people should be enjoying them for years to come.

‘Everything you can imagine is real.’ ~ Pablo Picasso

Thank you so much for reading! This post is about my personal experiences/opinions and may not apply to everyone. Please feel free to like, comment, share and get in contact with feedback or ideas of what I could post about in the future. You can also subscribe to get notified when I post. New post coming Friday, check out my last post ‘TV Show Recommendations’.

Stay at home or wear a mask,


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