Before I Turn 25

I have a huge bucket list, but there are things I want to achieve in life before I hit certain ages. I think it is important to have life goals even if you don’t hit them within a time frame. Everyone does things at their own time and pace but I still have things I want to do before I reach 25. I have wanted these things for a long time but now I realise that most of them won’t happen in the next 3 years and that’s completely fine, but it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be working towards them.

Before I turn 25, I want to find a job that I love. I have always liked the jobs I’ve had but never truly loved what I am doing. Everyone wants to find their passion and make a career out of it but I am yet to find that. I am starting to realise I probably won’t be in my career starting job within 3 years but I want to at least figure out how I am going to start my career and know what I want to do.

Before I turn 25, I want to meet the love of my life. Since I was a child, I wanted to settle down at 25, what an idiot. As I have grown older, I now realise this is something you can never put a time frame on. You meet people and fall in love by chance, not because you want it. Sometimes the wanting of love fools you into forcing it with someone you definitely shouldn’t be with. Also, in some ways I feel like my life is just starting. I am no longer interested in finding someone who is going to keep me still when I could be out traveling, exploring options and having fun.

Before I turn 25, I want to move out. This is still something I want to do. I love living with my family and spending time with them but I want my own little place that I can decorate and have the way I want. The only thing stopping me is money, I definitely don’t earn enough to move out and I am still saving for a deposit. I don’t want to rent somewhere, paying someone else’s mortgage when I could buy my own place.

Before I turn 25, I want to go on holiday without my parents. I know most people start going on holidays with their friends around 16 but I have always loved going with my parents. My family are my best friends that have been with me and supported me unconditionally my whole life and I really enjoy hanging out with them, especially on holiday. They want to go to the same places as me and do the same things as me but as an adult now I sometimes want space away from them. I want to experience things as an adult, on my own.

Before I turn 25, I want to learn how to drive. I got my provisional licence for my 17th birthday and have talked about learning to drive since. I want the freedom and reasonability of having my own car but there are definitely some things holding me back. I cannot afford driving lessons or a car, I don’t have much need for one and seeing the way other people drive scares me. I still want to learn how to drive but it isn’t possible at the moment, hopefully I will be able to before I turn 25.

Everyone’s life is different and there is no real timeframe on anything. If you want to go to college at 17 or 50, get married at 20 or 70, learn to drive at 18 or 40, it doesn’t really matter. These are things I always wanted before I turn 25 but I am fine with the fact that they might not happen before then, I will continue working on these goals and myself until I have reached them but there is no rush. Do what makes you happy, everything is an achievement no matter your age.

‘It’s harder to stay on top than it is to make the climb. Continue to seek new goals.’ ~ Pat Summitt

Thank you so much for reading! This post is about my personal opinions and may not apply to everyone. Please feel free to like, comment, share and get in contact with feedback or ideas of what I could post about in the future. You can also subscribe to get notified when I post. Check out my last post ‘Five Looks With One T-Shirt’. Make sure to educate yourself, sign petitions and donate to help make the world a better place, Black Lives Matter.

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