My Skin Care Routine

My skin has always been an issue for me. I have found it hard to find products that help my skin and am still searching for makeup that hides the imperfections I want it too. I suffer from acne, oily skin and some areas that get really dry so it has always been a challenge to find the products and routine that help take care of my skin properly. Although I am still searching for other products that give me the result I want, my current routine helps my skin more than any other products in the past.

Step One

If it is my night time routine then I normally have to remove my makeup. I do this using the Clinique ‘take the day off’ cleansing balm. I normally use my fingers to rub the makeup off and then use a reusable pad to take it off. If I have run out of the balm then I use Garnier micellar cleansing water. I will use this by applying it to a reusable pad and then applying it to my face until all the makeup is gone.

Step Two

The second step of my routine is to wash with a gentle soap and exfoliate with exfoliation gloves. I shower every morning and night and so this helps me make sure that this is carried down to my neck as well. I use dove beauty cream bar soap on my face as other soaps have caused irritation. I don’t exfoliate everyday as it is bad for your skin but I do it at least twice a week. I do this in the morning and at night.

Step Three

My next step is to use a charcoal cleanser. I use the Bioré deep pore charcoal cleanser. This product is great for oily skin as it is oil-free, it is also made with natural charcoal. I use this by wetting my face with warm water, pumping the product onto my hands, working it into a lather and applying in circular motions all over my face. When done I rinse it off with warm water. I do this every morning and night.

Step Four

After the charcoal cleanser I use a foam cleanser. I use the Clinique liquid facial soap for oily skin. This product has done wonders in removing excess oil from my face. It is 100% fragrance free and is the first step in the Clinique 3-step skin routine. I do the same with this as I do with the charcoal cleanser. Wet my face, work the product into a foam, apply in circular motions and then rinse. I do this every morning and night. In the morning I will finish off my cleansing by splashing cold water on my face to close my pores.

Step Five

If I am doing my night routine then I will do a Facemask. Twice a week I use Indian Healing Clay. My skin has never felt better since I started using this facemask. I will mix the clay with water and apply to my face. When the mask has hardened, I will then wash it off with warm water. After that I will then splash cold water on my face to close my pores. If it is one of the nights I don’t use this facemask, at the end of my routine I will apply a Clinique moisture surge overnight mask to stop my face getting dry.

Step Six

The next product I use is the Dickinson’s original witch hazel. When I was researching how to control oily skin, this was a product that appeared at lot. It is a pore perfecting toner that gently cleanses and conditions pores to maintain clear, smooth and balanced skin without over drying. It removes excess oil, dirt and makeup residue and also helps depuff. I use this my applying it to a reusable pad and pressing it into my skin. I do this every morning and night.

Step Seven

After I use the toner, I then use the Clinique clarifying lotion. This comes as step two in the 3-step skin routine. It is a non-drying exfoliator that helps to clear away dull flakes. It controls the build up of flakes and excess oil leaving your face fresh. I use this by applying it to a reusable pad and pressing it into my skin. I do this every morning and night.

Step Eight

After all this cleansing and toning I need some moisture in my face. I use the Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel. I received a tester of this product at a student fair and absolutely loved it, this is what helped me discover all the other Clinique products I use. This is another oil-free product that is step 3. It softens, smooths and improves the texture of my skin and is again designed for oily skin. I use this by just applying it to my face evenly with my fingers. I do this every morning and night.

Step Nine

As I suffer from dryness in some areas of my face, just using the gel wont help. I also apply the Clinique dramatically different hydrating jelly. This product is very hydrating. To use this effectively then you insert a targeted active cartridge that is chosen specifically for your skin type and the products mix together when you use the pump. I use this the same way as the gel, applying it evenly all over my face and with both products, a little goes a long way. I do this every morning and night.

Step Ten

The next step (and I think the most important one) in my routine is sun care. Every morning I wait for the products on my skin to be absorbed and then apply factor 30 sunscreen and then every night do the same with after sun. Its all well and good to look after your skin but if you don’t practice sun care then it is basically all for nothing. I use sunscreen every time I leave the house to protect my skin. It is very important to use these products as the sun causes ageing and skin cancer. Even if it is bad weather, the damage is still being done. I use Garnier amber solaire protection lotion and Lacura moisturising aftersun lotion.

Step Eleven

Finally, I apply lip balm. I want to try some different lip treatments in the future but right now I apply Nivea lip balm in the morning and then e.l.f lip exfoliator at night.

So, that is my skin care routine. I would love to talk more about different products I use and different routines I have in the future as when I previously posted about my daily routine I got messages about how much people liked it. I am definitely not a skin care expert and don’t claim to be so I might be applying products wrong or using the wrong ones for my skin but looking after yourself is about learning through trail and error. I would be very interested to hear from anyone who knows about skin care on what I could be doing to better my routine.

‘Love yourself first, and everything else falls in line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world’ ~ Lucille Ball

Thank you so much for reading! The products in this post are ones I personally use but may not work for everyone. Please feel free to like, comment, share and get in contact with feedback or ideas of what I could post about in the future. You can also subscribe to get notified when I post. Check out my last post ‘June Looks’. Make sure to educate yourself, sign petitions and donate to help make the world a better place, Black Lives Matter.

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