Ways To Make Some Extra Money

Personally, I never have enough money. A lot of people are jobless, underpaid and scraping together pennies but apart from trying to save, there are other things you could be doing to have a little extra money. There are loads of different ways in which you can make some extra cash without having to leave your house and so I’m going to share some ways I have made money in the past.

The first way you can make some money is by reviewing things online. The website slicethepie is a great site that pays you for your opinion. I use this site to review brands, music, fashion and others. Recently I have given my opinion on different politicians and their handling of the pandemic. You can also earn money by referring friends. Your reviews are measured on a star system and the better your reviews, the more you earn. The minimum you must earn is $10 to make a withdrawal from the website.


Another great way to make money online is by taking online surveys. A lot of companies use these websites to collect market research on their target audience and so will pay you to take their surveys. Most of the companies want you to fit the criteria of their target audience and so you have to fill out a little about yourself before most surveys, if you don’t fit the criteria then you can’t take the survey. The ones you can take often pay you between 50p and £5 for each survey. Good sites to use are Panelbase, Valued Opinion and Toluna.




The third way I know that makes you money online is selling your photos. If you can take decent photos then why not sell them on websites like Shutterstock, Alamy and 123RF. You upload your photos to these websites, then when someone downloads your image, they pay you. Earning money all depends on how good your photo is and if someone downloads it but if it does get downloads, it is a good way to make some extra money.



A brilliant way to make some extra money, while also getting rid of your old things, is to sell items online. Websites like Depop, Ebay and Facebook are platforms you can advertise items you want to sell. You can decide your own prices for things you want to sell and then either have people pick them up, deliver them or send them to your buyers. I’m sure all of us have clothes, DVDs, books, old electronics, games, décor and more that need getting rid of, so why not sell it instead?


Follow my personal Depop – https://depop.com/queenj_jocy



These are ways that I make a little extra money and I definitely recommend you try each of them. It can be disappointing working hard and still not having enough money to do the things you want; I definitely relate to that.

‘making money isn’t hard it itself… What’s hard is to earn it doing something worth devoting one’s life to’ ~ Carlos Ruiz Zafón

Thank you so much for reading! This post is about my personal experience and may not apply to everyone. Please feel free to like, comment, share and get in contact with feedback or ideas of what I could post about in the future. You can also subscribe to get notified when I post.

Stay safe, stay at home.

Jocy x

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