Sustainable Beauty

The government is trying to put positive spins on this lockdown by telling us all the things that are improving in the world. They are urging people to walk and cycle more, they believe this is a once in a lifetime chance to bring down STD cases and this is also an amazing time for the environment. Air pollution is down and the seas are cleaner but we still need to be going the extra mile for the Earth. I have made a few posts recently about how we can be helping the environment and another big way to help is to use sustainable beauty products.

So, obviously the biggest way to protect the environment is to go makeup free. This is something even I rarely feel comfortable doing and I know this isn’t a practical solution, no matter how much we get told we don’t need makeup. I just try not to do my makeup as often as possible, like on days I don’t leave the house or if I’m just popping out quickly, I don’t put it on. Not only is this good for the environment, its amazing for your skin and also saves you money as you won’t run out of product quickly. When you have to buy new products, make sure to buy Vegan. This means they have no animal products and don’t test on animals. You can also research into how products are made and find items that are made in a sustainable way. Along with the actual product being sustainable it might be worth trying to find some products that have sustainable packaging as well. If you want to focus on sustainable packing, it is a good idea to also only shop in stores and not order online. I know it is sort of impossible at the moment, but ordering online comes with so much unnecessary packaging on top of the actual product packaging. There are also changes you can make to other beauty issues in your life, such as your period. Pads and tampons are not good for the environment and I have even seen people online say they flush theirs down the toilet! If you can/want to, you can switch to a menstrual cup instead. If you don’t make the switch, please don’t flush your pads/tampons down the toilet. Finally, ditch the makeup wipes. Not only are they actually bad for your skin because all they really do is move dirt around your face, they are incredibly bad for the environment. Instead use Micellar water and reusable makeup pads. This will also save you money in the long run. Also, flushable wipes are not actually flushable so just don’t put stuff down the toilet.

These are just some tips to help be more eco-friendly with your beauty habits, I know there are a lot more ways you can make your beauty routine better but these are small and easy changes you can make.

‘All little girls should be told they are pretty, even if they aren’t’ ~ Marilyn Monroe

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Stay safe, stay at home


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