How to celebrate Easter at home

Happy Easter! This weekend is Easter Sunday and it seems many people will have to alter their celebrations because of the lockdown, but this shouldn’t stop you celebrating. Easter is a holiday that commemorates the resurrection of Jesus, but the holiday is widely celebrated by both Christians and None-Christians and there are many ways in which you can celebrate this holiday that don’t mean going outside. I know a lot of people normally attend church, go for walks or visit family but it is important to stay indoors and find new ways to spend this day.

How to celebrate Easter at home:

Painting eggs – Painting eggs is one of the activities I remember doing most when I was young to celebrate Easter. Normally, my family would paint an egg each and take it to a hill to then roll it down but this year we will have to miss out the rolling. You can buy actual egg painting kits from supermarkets or you could just use regular paints. It is important to hard boil the eggs first in case they break. You can also make scenes for your eggs, which is what I used to do in school. You can find many ways to decorate and paint your eggs online.

Have an Easter egg hunt – Another iconic Easter tradition is having an Easter egg hunt. Most people use plastic eggs, but you can hide real eggs or cream eggs around the house for kids or family members to find. You can turn this into a competition or not, but it is fun for the family to have without leaving the house.

Make Easter themed baked goods – For people who like baking, want to learn or just like sweet treats, baking Easter themed cakes is perfect. It doesn’t necessarily have to be cakes but you can find recipes for any type of baked good online and then decorate them with your family as a basket of eggs, a bunny or any other Easter themed way.

Decorate Easter baskets – Making Easter baskets is another fun thing to do. You can buy baskets from most stores and then use paint, paper and other craft items to decorate them. You can then fill them with plush toys, sweets, fruit, bible verses (if you celebrate as a Christian) and clues to your Easter egg hunt.

Easter Lunch – Many families (including my own) have a special lunch or dinner on Easter Sunday. My family will usually have roast lamb with veg and potatoes but there are many different recipes you can try instead if lamb isn’t to your liking. Having a sit-down dinner is always a good way to celebrate any occasion and is also a nice way to have your family spend time together. I have put a link to a BBC good food page that has many Easter recipes for you to try.

Watch an online Easter service – I know a lot of people like to go to a Sunday service at their local church on Easter Sunday but as the churches are closed now, it might be good to find an online service. A lot of businesses are switching to online work and a lot of churches are doing the same. A quick google could find you a service you and your family can watch from home.

Read the Easter story – Reading the Easter story to yourself or your children is a good way to celebrate as well. I think it’s important to remember where holidays come from if you celebrate them, even if you are not a part of that religion.

It was early morning, three days after the death of Jesus. The soldiers were still standing guard over the grave to make sure nothing would happen. Suddenly the ground began to shake and the grave burst open. An angel in a white robe stood at the entrance and rolled the stone away. The terrified soldiers ran away as fast as they could. At that time, the women who had helped to bury Jesus were walking towards the grave to place more sweet-smelling spices in the gave clothes. When they came to the garden, they remembered the heavy stone that had been placed at the opening of the grave and wondered, ‘Who will help us roll away the big stone?’. When they looked at the grave, they were surprised to see that the stone had already been pushed aside. One of the women, Mary Magdelene, left the others and ran back to the city to tell the disciples what had happened. The others walked on inside the cave. They got a fright when they saw two angels standing over the grave clothes. But the angels said, ‘Do not be afraid. You are seeking Jesus who was crucified. He is not here, for he is risen. Come, see the place where he lay.’ Then they saw that the place was empty. ‘Don’t you remember what the Lord told you?’ they continued, ‘he said, I will die, but after three days I will rise from the grave.’ Then they remembered and were filled with joy. ‘Go quickly and tell the disciples,’ the angels said, ‘and don’t forget Peter!’ They hurried down the road when who did they meet but the Lord. He was alive and standing in front of them. The women fell down on their knees before him, took hold of his feet and cried for joy. Jesus said, ‘Go, tell my disciples that they may also see me.’ And then the women were alone again, for Jesus was suddenly gone. But now they knew for certain that he was alive again. They had seen him and had heard his voice. Quickly they went back to the city to look for the disciples. They laughed and shouted, ‘The lord Jesus has risen from the dead!’

‘Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life’ ~ Janine di Giovanni

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Stay safe, stay at home


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